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Asus p5vdc-mx motherboard


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Hi, i just recently bought a p5vdc Motherboard with a 1gb Corsair memory stick, yet i seem to be having troubles with compatibility. When i was installing windows i got the BSOD, and then i used another memory stick and it worked fine. Once windows installed then i put the corsair back in and again it didnt work, just shut down automatically. i looked at changing the sttings in bios but i dont know what to change them to. The memory i have is the Corsaid Value Select 1gb stick. VS1GB533D2.

The options in bios are:


DRAM CAS# Latency

Precharge to Active (TRP)

Active to Precharge (TRAS)


Active to Command (TRCD)


Hope you can help. THanks again.

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Hi jonoha,


Can you please post your system specifications Here. as they will help us to troubleshoot your issues.


Please load setup defaults and then set the memory voltage to 2.1 Volts and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and burn the ISO image to CD. Then boot to the CD and the testing program will run. Allow the memory to stay at "Auto" settings for this test.

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