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I presume it's because of the Christmas mayhem, but I have had no response at all. I have sent an email and left a phone message, but still nothing. I didn't get any status updates while my RMA was being processed -- my RAM went into a black hole, and then new RAM showed up almost 2-weeks later. However, here's where my problem lies. I had a TWIN-X pack (2x1GB) that I bought from NewEgg, and when I went through the technical support application it said Corsair recommended I ship both the DIMMs back so the replacement could be matched. I did that (not that I wanted to, but it's what I was asked to do). However, when I received my replacement RAM, I was a little distressed to see that only 1 DIMM was in the box. I am trying to find out where my other DIMM has gone. Should 2 new DIMMs have been sent to me, or is my other DIMM supposed to be sent back? My RMA number is 210904 and the case number is 29434.



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