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Suggestion: Different Colored Flash Grips


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Howdy! First time poster with a little product suggestion. I currently have two Corsair USB flash drives and I expect to get the new 16GB one soon. Trouble is, they all look alike! While stumbling around half-awake in the morning before the coffee has kicked in, it's too easy to grab the wrong one.


So here's the suggestion: When a new model is introduced, e.g. the 16GB, why not make the 'side grips' a different color? Instead of always the blue-grey, maybe something different. If that color is permanently part of your corporate color scheme, maybe a contrasting stripe or something?


I know your other line of USB drives allows a text message/title but they don't have as high a capacity, and anyway, color is more quickly distinguished than peering at text.


I have seriously considered buying another brand just so my new and old flash drives would be easier to tell apart.


For the meantime I guess I can wrap something distinctive through the keychain hole, but it would look soooo much better if it was an integral part of the product.


Just a suggestion!

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