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2GB Module Kit (1 stick defective)


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I have bought a kit of corsair Value Select ram.

2GB of PC5300 (2 sticks)

I have been using them for about 6 months but for some reason one morning I turned on my PC and it wouldn't boot.

Took me a while played around with a few things changed the videocard, checked my connection, checked with another PSU until I remove one of the memory stick.

My computer would not boot up with the 2 sticks in.

So I a tried both of them alone in the slot.

One of them gets my computer booting up fine, but the other, nothing...

Right now my computer is running fine with one in there but the other I have tried on friend's PC and nothing there either.

Like I said my PC is working fine with the one in there right now but I mean I still paid for 2GB :p

What do I do from here ?

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