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I purchased a twinx2048-3200C2 from newegg back in 03/2006.


Just a few days ago I would walk in to my computer being locked up, rebooted (later on did same thing), rebooted, got to the point where windows crapped out.


After trial and error of many components, i ran memtest86 and immediately was receiving a error on every row. I have a twinx2048 and twinx1024, and narrowed it down to ONE of the twinx2048 chips.


So one of the twins works fine and the other is shot....


I would go thru newegg, but since it has been around 8 months since the purchase, i no longer have the retail packaging.


So was wondering if i should send back both of the twinx2048's? ....or if i would be ok just sending back the one...

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