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Another bad part?


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I have two sticks of vs1gb667d2.

One works great, but if I insert the second one alone or together with the first one, doesn't matter what slots I use, my mobo doesn't post sometimes.

When after trying 20 or so times I do eventually get into windows, it randomly reboots after 5 minutes. Memtest freezes after 2 seconds. So I figured I must have had a bad part. I sent it to corsair for rma, and received a new one(or a repaired one, I can't know for sure).

Problem is that this one doesn't work either. It does just the same thing as the bad one I sent for rma.

I do notice some difference in the quality of the ICs on the sticks.

On my working stick, the letters and numbers on the ICs are clearly readable and clean.

On the stick I got back from RMA though, I can barely read what is on the IC's.

First of all, the font and size is different, so that leads me to believe that these are different IC's than on my good stick.

Second, there are little smudges of white and red stuff on some IC's, and on some of them the the letter paint is half washed away or not printed properly.

Has corsair suddenly dropped their level of quality?


What should I do?

Send the part back again?(wich costs me money and time because I live in Belgium)

When I do send it back, will I get a good quality one this time?


I have been using and recommending Corsair to people for years, it would be a shame not to be able to do that anymore, and spend a lot of money on a new stick from another manufacturer.

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Please either call our customer service at 510-657-8747 and dial "0" or follow the link in my signature "If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!" And let them know you just got a module back that will not work with your exzisting module and ask them to replace both modules for new set that match. And since you just had an RMA you can ask them to pay for the shipping both ways!
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