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One of my Ram Moduels has failed.


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Yes Im posting this to announce that one of my Corsair XMS DDR400 PC 3200 C2PT 1GB ram Moduels has failed, I know you guys at corsair make great products and have been using them for awhile.


The problem occured when I was playing one of my games and all the sudden my system locked up, tryed everything to get it back into windows to no avail , so I rebooted using the reset button and my machine would not boot, it would post but would not boot to windows.


So after hours of ponduring the situation I decided to take the B2 moduel of ram out of my machine and proceed to boot , it booted up fine , problem solved , which leads me to believe that my b2 sloted moduel had gave up the ghost.



System will not boot with bad stick.


now then if this is the case and seeing how this is a dual channle kit, I would like to get a Replacement for the bad moduel.



Thank you for your time.

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