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Wiring issue

Diamond Jim

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To: Corsair PSU Support


I have an Antec P-180 I'm wiring up (and a Corsair 620 PSU).


I will be using 4 hard drives in the case's lower drive bays. I am having a lot of difficulty connecting your stock SATA cables to the drives in the space the case gives me. (I have the option of removing the cooling fan located directly between the power supply and the drives, but I'm going to need the fan since I have four HDDs.) I've made several attempts to neatly tie-wrap the two stock harnesses that are required for this - and even so, they still either (a) interfere with the cooling fan or (b) the drive tray won't slide back into the case all the way.


Do you offer any other wiring harnesses that work better in crowded spaces? What I need are harnesses with either two or four SATA power connectors, with the connecters exactly 1.5" apart, preferably is a "Y" configuration as opposed to the standard serial configuration.


If not - will my warranty be voided if I make a custom harness, splicing in your PSU connector to attach the harness to your 620? If so - can I send it to you first so that it can be "certified"? What is the wiring diagram for your stock SATA wiring harness?



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If you splice the wires, they will 100% be out of warranty.


As for extending them, you may well find that it is possible to get Y cables from your local computer store that may fit the bill.


Corsair tries to make a power supply that fits the most machines and has the most usability within reasonable bounds. Running four HDD's might be a little out of the mainstream line of things, but I can understand your frustration.


Try looking for Y cables that will extend your's as much as needed before you go splicing cable.




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It is a shame, as you (corsair/seasonic) could have other cables made up as it is a modular PSU and then they come with a standard set and then users could buy others as needed.

I can see that the cables are not going to work for me without there being a load of wire I am going to have to hide, and even then I am still going to have to make up the tails I want/need and just connect them... not ideal as I then have more cable and connectors in the loop than I want.

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  • Corsair Employees

We use that case in our displays so I know its not an issue.

As far as how you have your case its hard to say with out seeing it. But we have had no problems using this case with our displays, can you post some pic's?

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