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Bad flash voyager

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Hi, my name is james, recently in the beginning of the year i purchased a 1GB flash voyager from zip zoom fly. well after a month or two when i went to take it out of my usb port the drive got stuck in it and required more force than normal to be able to pull it out.. i believe when pulling it out the pins inside that connect the the port to the chip may have broken. it still worked for quite sometime afterwards occasionally i may get an error saying the device wasnt installed properly, but i was still able to see the drive and do whatever on it.. last night i went to copy some files to it for my friend and the computers seemed to not wanna recognize it. after moving the drive around a bit to see if the blue light would even come on it seemed like the pins were broken and whenever you pulled the drive out of a usb port the adapter would slide in and out slightly. well after a little wiggling around of the drive i eventually got it to work one last time and now all the pins are broken and the adapter stays stuck in anything including the small cover for it.. is there anything that can be done to fix this problem with the use of my warranty or not? help would be appreciated thanks again James
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