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VS1GSDS667D2 (ddr2 sodimm) problems with Acer Travelmate 8100

Tim Hawker

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I bought two 1gig modules for my laptop (VS1GSDS667D2 for an Acer Travelmate 8100) and Im having some major problems with stability.


Every so often, usually when under high stress, my laptop locks up and it needs to be hard reset.


I have run memtest on both modules, and it crashes after 16 minutes every time.


I ran memtest on each individual module and sometimes it locks up after 16 minutes, sometimes it continues with no errors for many passes, and sometimes it reports an error after a few passes. (On both modules tested seperately)


When I put the old memory back in the laptop its perfectly stable again.


My laptop does use ddr2 sodimm memory at 266mhz, not 333 like this ram is, but this ram does have spd timings for 266mhz, and those timings are exacly the same as the ram currently in the laptop. So surely it should be compatible? (I would have bought the slower memory but for some reason the faster was cheaper!)


I have checked that i have the latest bios.


Please can someone help/advise me on what to do...:confused:

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