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Please help Ram Guy!


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I have a problem. I hope it's a small problem and not a large one.


I received a matched pair of Corsair RAM as a gift for my birthday in August. I know it was new, as I watched when it was opened from the package and installed in my system.


Back in late October, my system just 'stopped working' one day. I had no idea what was wrong with it and it sat for a while, until finally (just recently) I took it to someone to have it looked at and hopefully diagnose what is wrong with it.


Turns out, one of the sticks of RAM is bad.


Now I know Corsair offers a lifetime warranty, but honestly, I have no way of knowing where the RAM was purchased, or when exactly, as it was a gift. The only thing I know for sure is that it was a new.


Can anything be done to help me? Is it still possible to RMA this RAM? I really can't afford to replace this set myself, I could barely afford to get the PC looked at.


Please help!



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Hey, just curious.


I sent my defective RAM out Monday the 18th of December (via priority mail, 2-3 day ship) including the RMA number and case number and all that.


I've still not received a package from Corsair, is this normal? Is there some way I can track the status of my case so I don't have to bug you guys about it?


If not, I'll just wait patiently.


I just thought it was supposed to be processed in 24 hours, then shipped 3 day. I may be confused with something else though, there is always that possibility :P


Thanks for your time once again.

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