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Choosing Corsair power supplies


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It wanted to begin offering excuses by my deficient expression in english. :(:


Also to congratulate to Corsair and its people to have a space of as much utility as this. :biggrin:

I need help me to correctly choose to power supplie. I do not make overclock, but in the future I want to update my PC with: the 8800 GTX(single), one target of sound, processor quad Core and ram memory of greater power (2x1024MB 800Mhz). will be sufficient with 520HX?


My PC:

Core 2duo E6400

Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

Corsair DDR2 Value Selec 1G (2x512)

MSI GE Force NX7300GT 256MB (1)

HD Hitachi Sata II 160GB (7200RPM) (1)

Case Chenming 601 DVD RW CD RW ( 3 Fans 80mm)

Thanks for your help.

Power Supplie Thermaltake TR2 430W (W0070)


Thanks for your help.

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Yes, the 520HX will run your system with one 8800 video card in it.


If you want to future-proof your system, think about the 620.





Thanks, but run with future total upgrade of my post?(Quad core, sound target)

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