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I suspect my RAM is bad - UK RMA Info Help please

Jon Mitchell

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Dear RamGuy,


Running an ASUS A8N-Sli Prem here with TWINX2048-3200C2PT


The system has been rock solid until recently. No configuration changes have been made, no updates, no internet connection, just a plain stand alone workstation.


CMOS RAM settings are at the recommended 2.5-3-3-6

RAM Voltage is 2.8 now since errors started appearing. Was 2.75 before.

PSU is 600W


Started to get weird BSOD always suggesting WIN32K.SYS :[pouts:


Have tested the memory thoroughly with MEMTEST86 v3.2 and have found multiple errors. Have not at this stage tested the modules seperately. Will do that tomorrow.


Please can you tell me the RMA process for a UK customer?


Thank you,



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Hi RamGuy,


USB Legacy Support was already off as I have no use for it.


The problem seems to have cleared now and I only have one explanation for the fault. I have not changed anything myself in CMOS but I found that the Command Rate timing was set to 1T. That was not changed by me or anyone else as the CMOS is password protected.


I realsie that the change could not have been brought about by the Corsair memory.


I can only think that the CMOS had become corrupted somehow. I thought there was a checksum that prevented this sort of thing happening.


Thank you very much for your valued input to this excellent forum :): .



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