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RMA Request for PC 3200 XMS 2048mb DC-Kit

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dear support team,


i ran a xms 2GB PC3200 CL2 dual channel kit for half a year, until my computer suddenly crashed and didn't boot up again. the case was closed and no configuration was changed since months. i never overclocked the system. after troubleshooting (reset CMOS, try different P.Supplys, disconnect everything from the mobo...) i found out that one of the memory modules was causing the problem, without it everything worked fine. i've tested the module on my p4p800 and on my p4p800se with no success. the systems remains in a bios recovery loop.

on the corsair website i read about kits having to be send in in pairs. i'm actually becoming a mcsa right now (mcp id#3757878) and i'm running certain virtual machines for learning. now my question is- may i can just send the broken module in, to keep my system able to run those VMs? do you think this is possible?


thanks in advance,



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