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Bad CMX1024-3200PRO


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I bought two CMX1024-3200PRO (not a twin pack) from Best Buy here in NY over the summer, and they worked great for a couple of months then one morning windows wouldn't load up, and when it did it would give me registy errors, and a windows fatal error. I then proceeded to buy a new hard drive, so I could fresh install windows, and that didn't work since the system would crash repeatedly on the install. (Was installing a brand new fresh out of the box copy). I proceeded to call Microsoft, and after telling them the error messages I was recieving was told that it was a bad RAM module. At the time I had both the CMX1024-3200PRO, and an additional 512mb that came with the computer installed.


I was directed to try to run the Windows install with one stick in at a time, and when I did the first stick I put in was one of the CMX1024-3200PRO... and the windows installation crashed immediately. Then I tried it with the other CMX1024-3200PRO, and there was no problems at all. Once windows was installed I put both back in, and Windows wouldn't fully start up. So at this point I have 1.5GB of ram in there instead of 2.5GB. I had only had the ram for about two and half months, when the horrors of the crashing began. I currently have no issues with the CMX1024-3200PRO that is in the system.


So overall because of this one stick I ended up buying another 300GB hard drive and a new copy of Windows XP Home Edition, when in fact it was just a defective module. I would like this module replaced, and have no desire to put it back in my system the way it is just so it can crash my windows again.

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