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My Name is Thomas Kearney, I have purchased two sets of TWINX2048-3200C2PRO


After only a few months 3 out of 4 modules failed. I rma'd them and received 2 out of 4 doa.


I have rma'd the two modules the second time.


So far i have left several messages in several days, NO return calls have benn made.


The two modules in question were to be brought to the attention of John in the tech. department because he wanted to see them personally. I spoke to him on the phone for a great deal of time before sending the two modules back.


I have completely lost all patience in this matter. On day three of trying to find out the progress of this situation i have done the following:


I have attempted to contact corsair with at least 30 attempts, and have only been able to speak to Stephanie. She assured me that she would contact me back, that was yesterday, no call back.



I want my memory and i want a tracking number on it. If i do not receive a full explanation, and tracking number by the end of your business day today, i will take further action. I want nothing less than 2 new modules in return, apologies are not necessary at this point, you have exceeded any possibilities of any future purchases made by me. You have failed as a company, and your rma department has failed several times in the work they should be doing. I also want this matter to be brought to the attention of the individual in charge of your rma dept.



I have left 5 messages in more than one dept. and you have not made one return call! This is not acceptable, and i request that your automated phone system be changed to a more realistic:


...we'll try to get back to you by the end of business day today.






...because you do not call back at the end of business day.

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