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Status Update-CASE:33020/RMA:R212176


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You package was received yesterday but I dont see where they were sent back. Please call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and Dial "0" and ask them to check into it for you!



Any word on this yet? I called and it was like they didn't even flinch to look up the info. I really miss my computer's ram... My business doesn't run very well with multiple imaging apps without it:( :confused:

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Status Update:D: -CASE:33020/RMA:R212176


Just seeing if I can get a tracking # on my RMA.





I got the ram and the ram is being sensed as 512mb ram. The heatsink says cmx1024-3200PT but when I try my ddr bays it's only being sensed @ 530mb's. I have another stick that runs along side this one that gets sensed as 1gig in all bays and is also a cmx1024-3200PT. VERY STRANGE....but then again the outer plastic was not sealed like the previous shipment. I would really like not to pay for shipping again. I have a very extensive graphical development business and this is killing my progress. DUAL CHANNEL is so much faster. Please gods of Corsair... make this christmas merrier!

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Heh... the one you guys sent me last time I had a problem has a newer lot code. I think you guys sent me an older stick of ram this time and it has signs of wear and tear on it. I don't see this lot code identified anywhere on the forums. Must be samsung? But none the less it is used for sure and came in a totally different box than my last ram.


Yet Another Thing: Corsair Modules are Rigorously Qualified. These guys qualify each

and every module type in multiple hardware platforms over multiple operating

systems and applications, both fully populated and partially populated. And, those

ovens in Corsair's factory are NOT for making cookies! Parts are stress-tested at

temperature and voltage extremes as well as at room temperature. The end result is,

parts wearing the Corsair label exhibit rock-solid stability. Many customers turn to

Corsair after they can't get anyone else's memory to work!

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Please either call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" or follow the link in my signature "If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!" And let them know you just got these back from RMA and you are having a problem we will take care of the shipping both ways!
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