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16GB Voyager Drive Specs


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Hey there


I currently own a Corsair Voyager 8gb Usb 2.0 Flash drive - and i'm very happy with it.


My specs are supposed to be a 19mb read/13mb write on it. I'm guessing thats true, coz its fast as! :)



However, When I saw the 16gb drive for a "cheap price" from some stores here, I was thinking "hey hang on :|"


I found that one place claimed the specs of this drive where a whopping 23mb/sec read (COOL!)


...... But the clinch of it? It only writes at 5.5mb/sec. WTF?



Can I get some confirmation on that? 5.5 seems a bit slow, but then again, cheap and huge drive, sorta offsets that ;)




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