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Warranty ... Slight Issue


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I am a very experienced computer builder, and I generally very happy with corsair's value ram and that is what I am running in the specific system that I am writing about this afternoon.


I had 1 of 4 Corsair ValueSelect 512MB DDR 400Mhz PC3200 (VS512MB400) go bad on me, and I used the fairly simple RMA system here @ corsair's website and got my RMA approved within a day, and I then shipped out my bad ram stick.


Well about 2 weeks later, I get my replacement stick back in the mail, no problem with the 2 weeks, thats pretty good compared to other companies that I have had to deal with RMA'ing items to.


So, I'm happy, I can go back to dual channel mode (couldn't on 3x512mb sticks), and i'll get my full 2 gigs of ram back, well I did indeed get the 2 gigs of ram back, so that part is wonderful, except no dual channel!


Therefore, I looked further into it, and the sticker on the ram they sent me, exactly matches the stickers on my other 3 ram sticks, its the "Corsair VS512MB400".


So, I started wondering why dual channel mode wasn't enabling on my motherboard, and I physically compared the new stick of ram versus the 3 others... and the new one, even though it is marked as the exact same model #, its not the same!


Turns out, the new stick is single-sided, and the other 3 (and the one I mailed in) are double-sided, thus making dual channel not possible, since the ram banks on the sticks are not all identical.


I am not writing to complain, I'm ok with getting back almost the same ram, I just really miss having dual channel, it makes a huge difference, as I am serious computer software developer and I do a ton of graphical work as well.


I'm just writing here to let you all know my experience with corsair's rma replacement system... overall its been fine, the slight overlook on the newer single-sided versus older double-sided style kinda sucks for me... but I guess i'll live with it.


Unless I could get a proper stick of the double sided? That'd really be nice.

This single channel mode is really killing performance on my machine *alot*.


So ya... theres my thoughts... if you have any questions, concerns, etc, feel free to simply reply here! ;). Thanks for your time. :sunglasse


[ The System Above's Specs: ]


Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 3.4Ghz HT Prescott

4x512mb Corsair ValueSelect 512MB DDR 400Mhz PC3200 (VS512MB400)

ABIT IC7-G Motherboard

XFX nVidia gForce 6800GT 512MB AGP

(and other items of course)

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Please call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and ask them about getting all of your modules replaced. Please let them know you just had one module replaced but it will not work with the others you have! Or you can just reply to the last email you got from them!
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