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Question about mixing ram


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Hi, I have a Dell Dimension E521, with 1 single 512mb DDR2 533mhz chip(I am guessing a PC2-4200). I was thinking of upgrading to a dual channel PC2-5300 clocked at 667mhz.


My question though concerns the single 512 mb chip.


From what I heard the dual channel and single channel use different interfaces , so is it possible to put the dual channel PC2-5300 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 2, and then place the 512mb DDR2 533mhz, in DIMM 3. Will this effect the performance of the dual channel and clock it down to 533 mhz, or will this just be incompatible?


Also, assuming that the answer to the above is incomaptible or will clock down, since it is on a seperate interface would it be possible to fully allocate the 512mb DDR2 533mhz to the graphic card as spare ram and have the system ignore it, this way avoiding the incomaptibility/clockdown?

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