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Asus P5B-V vs Corsair Twin2X 6400 DDR2 2048 CL5


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I bought those based on the guide from both the reseller and from Corsair but the computer won't start. I used some other memory with that same MB and they worked. I tried to alter the voltage while having the other memories in it, from Auto to 1.9v just in case that would work, but still nothing...


Have you tested these modules with that Asus MB, or is it based on guessing?


I sent the modules back to the reseller, but they tested them to be ok. It is no problem to switch modules since it was the reseller who told me that it should work. But now i am not so sure if i can be sure of what modules that will work with that MB?


Can you help me out with two things..

What could be the fault with the ones that i had?

What modules is for sure to work with that MB? (No guessing please)

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Insert the working stick and set the Vdimm to 2.1v. Corsair guarentees this dram at 2.1v. Then shut the system down and insert the other two sticks.




Yes, but couldn't that eventually be a problem for the other memories to raise the voltage? I have borrowed them from a friend, and i don't want to damage them in any way.

The others are Corsairs value 4200 DDR2 modules and i am not sure they can handle the extra juice.. Are you?

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Thnx. It feels nice to know.


And no, i am not mixing any modules in any system. I am just using other ones since the ones i bought didn't work.

I am a dedicated Corsair user and this was the first time i have ever had any problems with their/your products and hopefully it is the last.


I have today got a comfirmation email from the reseller saying that i will get replacements for the ones i returned, so i can only guess that the ones i bought in fact were faulty. But now i know what to do if the new ones don't POST the system.

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