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Last week one of my RAM modules died after about a year of use under stock conditions (never OC'ed). Was running flawlessly the entire time, then within two days it blue screened 3 times, the 3rd of which resulted in a failure to boot to Windows. I performed a fresh Windows install, it ran great for 2 days then locked up out of nowhere. This crash resulted to a endless reboot loop when making it to Windows loading progress bar. Took each pair of (2x512) out, transferred to different PC, same results. Ran 1 (2x512) pair at a time under memtest86 and isolated the problems to one pair, then repeated for the individual sticks of the suspected problematic pair. Memtest86 showed 1 bad stick, so I tried the other "good" pair in both PCs and it worked perfectly. Tried the bad pair by itself, and the crashes returned. It appears to be a pretty safe bet it has bought the farm...





2-3-3-6 (Tried slower timings, no luck)

Athlon 64 stock FSB (200 MHz) on both PCs

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