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Faulty Value Select Memory


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Hi Ram Guy

I Think i sent you an email but i will post one here as well


I Have been running 2 x VS512MB400 on my asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard for over a year now,Yesterday i Turned on my computer and it kicked into life (ie lights came on,fan kicked in)but the screen was black and the computer was saying along the lines of computer failed memory test ,So i took out both ram Chips and reseated them using different slots to no avail,So i took out one and left the other one in still no avail,So i took out that one and put in the other one and the computer started fine,I also put the working ram in all slots to make sure it was not a faulty slot And that worked fine as well.


I would be gratefull if you could please help


Thanks Darren:):

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