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1GB Memory is not working properly


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I'm having some problems since yesterday with one of my memories. While I was working on my computer, it suddenly restarted and gave an error just after POST:


RAM R/W test failed

Press F1 to continue


So I loaded the FailSafe default settings on my BIOS to be sure that it wasn't due to my settings. But it still gave me an RAM error.


Afterward, I used one of my version of UBCD containing Memtest86+ (v. 1.65) and tested both memory sticks simultaneously during a first run, the errors started from test 3.


I then tested them separately on the same slot, the first one had no errors from test 1 to 8 (I felt unnecessary to do test 9 since it wasn't an issue in my case). The second one started giving errors from test 3 and I stopped Memtest86+ at test 4 since it would probably be giving me error throughout the whole test scheme.


My Tyan K8W's BIOS version is 2.07 and the memory in question is a CM72SD1024RLP-3200/S. Also, it has been less than 4 month that I've build this system, and up till yesterday everything was working smoothly. I haven't done any major hardware/bios change around the time this happened.


I would like to know if there could be a way for me to correct this memory or should i send it for checkup?




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