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After being an OCZ user for awhile I decided to switch to corsair to try out the dominator series for my new E6600 system. I ran the modules in dual channel and couldn't install windows at all. the system locks. I loaded up memtest and within a few % i was over 1000 errors.


Removed the modules and tested them seperately. First module had 16 errors in the first 3% and continued to get higher and higher. Second module had 58 errors by the time it go to 55%. This is at default 1.8v, spd of 5-5-5-18. I tried changing the settings to those that are "stated" that it can do. 2.1v 5-5-5-15 and still got errors, tried 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v and it blue screens & crashes a lot.


Below are the system specs:

E6600 w/Zalman hsf

BFG 680i motherboard


Soundblaster XI-Fi

Thermaltake 850W PSU

WD 150gb Raptor

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see this is why i like RamGuy, no hastle. He see's that the tests were ran and is willing to RMA. I can't say the same for your RMA department. I filled out the form and here is part of the response that I got back:


"It is very unlikely that both modules would go bad at the same time. If you get errors on both modules when they are tested individually, then that would usually suggest a problem with the motherboard or power supply unit. "


I mean c'mon. I made sure I mentioned that the sytem was brand new so its not like they both suddenly died. It was a fresh build for everything. Updated bios and everything. I think you need to educate the people that handle the online RMA. Seems like i'm not gonna get an RMA number today, which would mean a fight to get this system up and running.

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I think I found the "error" that I was having. It in fact was a user & mb error. The bios was detection the memory as 5-5-5-18 1T. After a few hours of browsing the web for stability and overclocking issues with these sticks I find a post on corsair's forums stating that with C2D cpu's the command rate is 2T. I then rebooted, changed the rate to 2T and timings to 4-4-4-12 and it booted fine. I then inserted the second stick (same settings) and the system booted fine. Going to run memtest86 after work to make sure there were no errors. I feel kind of stupid but I didnt think the bios would misread the SPD. Never had the error where the command rate was wrong, just usually the timings. Update coming soon.
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