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I use a rather unique back-up approach that includes using xcopy every day to back up files that have been changed or are new. Up until recently, I was using a

1 GB Lexar USB Flash drive, and it took roughly 10 minutes to backup 1 GB of files.


I'm now running out of room, so I try my husband's 2 GB Lexar USB high-speed flash drive. Room isn't a problem with this drive, but now instead of 10 minutes to back up the same 1 GB of files, it takes 30 minutes. I figure that it's the drive, so I buy a 2GB PNY flash drive with the same results. Finally, I purchased a Corsair 2GB Flash Voyager, and guess what? Yep, it takes 30 minutes to back up 1GB of data using xcopy.


I have tried everything to speed things up including formatting the flash drive with FAT32 using 32K clusters, and no luck.


Most interesting is that the speed of the backup is dependent on the size of the drive. Using a 256MB flash drive, and about 200MB worth of files, it's 4 times faster than my 1GB flash drive.


Is there any way I can get a 2GB flash drive to backup faster???





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