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BIOS won't recognize total ram


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Computer - Sony Vaio laptop (PCG-K13)

Memory - Corsair 512mb DDR PC2700 (CMSS512MB-333SOD) x two modules

BIOS - Phoenix (ver. R0107X1)


Background - Sony website states this model is upgradeable (memory) from the original 512mb (two 256mb modules) to 1Gb. I originally purchased two Corsair modules (Value Select) that met the Sony specifications. Those modules booted and ran fine, but BIOS wouldn't recognize them as 512mb modules. BIOS recognized them as 256mb modules. Thinking I had an imcompatability issue, I purchased and installed two Corsair 512mb "System Select" modules that are recommended specifically for the Sony PCG-K13.


Problem - No matter which slot, or combination of memory modules I use, the 512mb modules are not recognized by BIOS as 512mb. They are always recognized as 256mb modules.


The computer boots and runs fine with the new 512mb modules, passes the Microsoft memory test program, but refuses to correctly recognize the actual size of the modules. Various diagnostic/test programs all confirm that the new ram meets spec.s, but these programs also recognize the modules as 256mb.

This leads me to believe that the problem is likely BIOS in origin.


BIOS is very limited and does not permit changing the RAM values. I have had three "chat" sessions with Sony rep.s, but although they are sincerely trying to be helpful, they haven't been able to offer any helpful suggestions.


By-the way, if I only install one of the 512mb modules, and leave one slot empty, the computer continues to incorrectly recognize the one module as a 256mb unit, but the second slot correctly as empty.


Any suggestions will be grately appreciated.

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  • Corsair Employees

Those modules should work with that system I would suggest contacting our customer service and see if there is anything they can do to get you another set that will work with that system.

Please call them at 888-222-4346 on Monday after 8 AM Pacific time!

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My problem exactly!! Expect my computer is a PCG-K23.


One person asked if there are 4 or 8 chips per side. Mine has 4 per and is supposed to be 512MB dimms.


ANy help would be GREATLY appreciated!



My dimms have a # on them as well. It is: 07110421-0-851125



Thank you!

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I am having the exact same problem, only with a PCG-K25. No matter what configuration I put them in, the system only recognizes 512MB of memory.


I am trying to upgrade to 1 GB of memory (2x512 MB replacing 2x256 MB) and I'm using Corsair's value select 512 MB PC2100 modules -- I used the memory configurator on the Corsair website to identify these (VS512SDS266). I had previously just gone to Best Buy and bought two modules that I thought matched my specifications, but after having the same problems, I doubted my choice and returned those and went to buy a set of modules "guaranteed" to be compatible with my machine. Now that it's happened a second time, I suspect that my initial purchase wasn't the problem.


Because this is the second time this has happened, I'm wondering if something more is going on, specific to my machine or to VAIOs. Did any of the other users with these problems ever come up with a solution?



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Hello all

I own a Sony VAIO PCG-K315S.

I checked on VAIO recommended memory upgrade options and they say that 512MB DDR 333 modules are supported.

I therefore bought 2 x VS512DS333/EU modules from a local (Italian) reseller but my Vaio insists in recognising them as 256MB modules.

What can I do?


Thanks for help


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