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Problems with VS512SDS333


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I ordered two VS512SDS333 for my Sony Vaio K315Z notebook. When I installed the RAM I got 768MB instead of 1024MB RAM in my BIOS screen. I booted windows and checked my motherboard with everest and there I found out, that both memories were installed, but one of these had just a operating frequency of 166, the other one had 166, and 133MHz. so I booted my device only with one RAM and so I found out, that one of the two memories has the propertie, that it provides just 256MB RAM. Now my question is, can I do something about that, or is there just the possibility to send back my memory and order a new one?
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Additional Information:


I browsed the forum and found out, that the memory configurator says, that I should use CMSS512MB-266SOD for my notebook, but one the sony homepage they say, that I need,



VGP-MM512G 512 MB Zusatzspeicher für Modelle der Serien VGN-A2, VGN-A1, PCG-K, VGN-B, VGN-FS2 und VGN-FS1.

Speicherplatz: 512 Mb






And the RAM which was original built in is also a PC2700.


greez cyrus100

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