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Corsair 620HX DOA :(


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I just recieved my PSU today from Zipzoomfly. I was really excited, so I went ahead and starting installing it in my case.


Unfortunately, the PSU seems to be DOA. I tested my system with an older, weaker PSU and it powers up fine, the 620HX makes no noise whatsoever, and doesnt even attempt to power on.. Is it really DOA???????? I KNOW i have everything connected correctly, 2 HD's, 2 Burners, 1 7950GT and motherboard. Thats all that I have connected to my C2D system. I know it's recieving at least SOME power, because the green light on my mobo is on, but the computer doesnt turn on :(


It's an Asus P5B-E mobo..


p.s. I tried to jump start the drive, and it was a no go. Looks like a dead psu :( mannn.. so back to the original question.. can I rma it directly to corsairs at they're office or something?



:mad: :mad: can I RMA directly to Corsair? You guys are only 30mins away :[pouts: :[pouts:

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I installed my new 8500C5D ddr2 and 620HX last night.. everything is flying smooooth! I'll be installing linux and dual booting to windoze and start pumping up the juice to see what I can get for an OC.. currently only a light OC, 3Ghz on an E6300 :) gonna push it harder later tonight..but thats for a different forum.


Other than that, the PSU is great! Sstem is rock solid, less noise, cooler temps for me now! WOOT!

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