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Look at me! I got over 1 million points!!!!


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Memtest86.........at pass 8 almost 4 hours in is surpassing 1.1 million errors on 2 1024mb sticks of XMS DDR2-800 matched pairs.


I built my friends machine and it was acting fine with the memory voltage bumped up to the rec. 1.9v, he starts playing CS:S of all games and its crashing on him. Obviously I am running in to those "MD5errors", wild blue screens, and the problem seems to be getting worse almost.


I know the memory is the issue because I stuck in a pair of Team Xtreme PC6400 4-4-4-10 DDR2 memory and everything ran fine, and my Team Xtreme can handle 4-4-4-10 @ 410fsb even memtest86 error free.


What does Corsair have to offer its customers? I almost bought some Corsair memory, but the price to performance ratio didn't seem to be the best, and now this.......from one of the most respected brand names in memory. Im just shocked.....I used to suggest Antec to people but we all know how their power supplies ended up.....they are still trying to recover customers I believe with pricing as low as they have thrown things out there. Ending the final test number 9 it looks like we will be reaching close to 1,200,000 errors in the memory. I would play with the memory voltage out-side of stock voltages to see if that was the cause, but it would void the warranty I am sure.


Here are some screenshots of my high score........




-Corsair needs to either hire more RMA reps or fire some-

When I read this, and then countless "no response" complaints........man the more I read the worse things look for Corsair in my book. I have to purchase this guy some replacement memory just for the expected wait that looks like could take months. This is really swell....

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I could be mistaken, but I'm thinking it's because it's almost Christmas time... always a hectic time for businesses of all sizes. I know I certainly wouldn't be caught dead working at, say, Wal Mart between the months of November and January. OMG ZERG RUSH :D:


Pretty impressive score there, though. I'm sure if I had let MemTest go for that long on my stick that just went dead yesterday, I'd have racked up a similar score.

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Wrong version of memtest.


What CPU / FSB / Motherboard do you have?


What is the exact part # and revision # of each stick? Is it a TwinX pack?

How To Read the Memory Label


Test one stick at a time in each slot using Memtest86+ v1.65 and the settings (timings / speed / voltage) as listed for your part number in the following thread:


Corsair XMS Qualification and Testing Information

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  • Corsair Employees

Errors in test 5,6,7 or 8 would suggest some other problem,

Can you tell me our modules part# (How To Read the Memory Label) and the make and model of MB you have along with the CPU speed and it’s FSB as well? In addition, please tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?

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This is a possible memory issue, and I am not ruling that problem out. The machine is "flakey" is how I want to describe it.

Specs: E6400 @ stock, and 2.66 speeds

Gigabyte 965 DS3


380w Antec dual 12v rail PSU + FSP 300w booster (yeah yeah...he bought this crap).


I should retract my statements.... (they already have been) that this is all Corsairs fault....right now it is a who knows at fault issue.


2gb matched twin-x XMS PC6400 DDR2 modules....the ones for 230 after mail in rebate with the 5-5-5-15 timings. I know you know what ones I am talking about. I would read off the memory serials and etc, but the customer has decided to take it home, which is good in its own way. They report back to me whats wrong, instead of me playing until I find whats wrong. His problems come down to when he plays games....3d games.....that address large amounts of memory (BF2 / 2142 in particular...) they crash faster then a CS:S game or UT2K4 game. I uncovered over 1 million errors on Memtest86 @ stock voltage, but rendered no errors @ +0.2v.



1) CPU will run 2 instances of folding@home for over 24 hours error free w/ a GPU tester the customer downloaded running ( I have no clue what it is...I gave him the link for the ATI testing program to run that). We reverted from the latest Nvidia drivers to earlier I want to say drivers. I bumped the voltage up .2v from stock Gigabyte DS3 stock memory voltage.

1 Results) CPU will still run 2 instances of F@H stable still, or a prime95 torture test fine. He has crashed this computer with Winamp, CS:S, UT2K4, BF2, BF2142, NFS:MW, NFS:Carbon. Winamp is just odd crashing out of everything.....

I want to say its drivers....or maybe even the 380w Antec PSU.......but machine had zilch for problems on the Team Xtreme but I didn't let him take the Team Xtreme home, I just Folding@home x 2, then do a Prime95 blend torture test.


It crashes FASTER, (BSOD, or kills game)......when hes playin BF2 / 2142 (can we agree these 2 games use up more memory than what hes playing with for other games?)....since it crashes faster when in BF games you think its a Battelefield issue.....but I want to say its bad memory addresses still and the game just has to trip past them to get unstable on him.


Coming soon.......we will try his memory in another Core 2 Duo machine (but 975 chipset).......and try a 600w Silverstone PSU in his machine with his memory.


Just trying to eliminate possibilities..........overclocked or not this machine crashes. Also I have messed with every BIOS setting I can, and worked with it. We couldn't even get Battlefield to load a map......then the .2 voltage increase and older drivers got us playing Battlefield....and playing Source / other games longer......but give it time and it fell through.


Really annoying.....

I hate this Gigabyte I think the most....it just doesn't give me the options an Asus does.

CPU crunching hard = no problems

Get the GPU going with some large programs in memory and you have issues (but also remember 2 folding@home instances can take up 150mb)


Very annoying doing this on the side........main job is cented around web development, and not test benchs ( no more spare mobo's, cpu's, large PSU's, brand flippin new boxes of OEM Kingston Micron chip memory, or whatever is working well with nforce3 or what have you at the time). MD5errors like madd @ 1.8v when installing games, memory at +.2v or 2.0v, and everything goes cake in installations. But then we can't get BF2 to even play so the drivers come out, restart and older drivers installed, restart...check the machine and BF2 is playing but now crashing on an untimed basis.....single or multiplayer.

So I am building another Core 2 Duo machine which is what we are kind of borrowing parts from, but the most annoying thing is we just haven't found if its software or hardware.....and what hardware it is.

These random BSOD's make me think bad memory, or hard drives.........The board is got the latest BIOS, at fail safe it still has issues, we memtest'd with the board out of the machine with just the GPU, memory and CPU running.



I wonder if the Gigabyte is to blame........1 million errors at stock voltage of 1.8v, then no errors at 2.0v (even though memory says 1.9v spec)......since I am just building this on the side I don't exactly keep a log of how things go......I mean "changed A to B...blah blah.......new results are blah blah". But I watch it. I am just annoyed with computers that don't work...thats why I build my own. They work once you get them working (usually isn't this big of an ordeal)......I like to put my finger on the memory and come here to "express my issues" because I seen these problems come down to heat, memory, hard drives, or PSU........and the 1% of the time the cable is not properly installed. This is new equipment....so something is setup wrong....or a component is failing. Maybe some people can shed some ideas to try......


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820145590 = the memory.

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  • Corsair Employees
First, please make sure that you have the latest bios and then load setup defaults and I would set the memory Voltage to +.3 Volts with this MB and test the modules with http://www.memtest.org one up to be sure. Next a 300 or even 380 Watt PSU is not bigg enough for this system I would suggest 450 Watt Minimum or bigger depending on the Video Card you have installed.
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