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2GB Flash Voyager Adventure


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Figured I would post this here.


Woke up this morning and was getting ready for work when I realized my 2GB flash voyager was missing from my pants pocket where it always resides. I had seen used it the previous day at work for something and just figured I had left it at work, as sometimes happens.


A quick inspection of the path to my car and inside my vehicle gained me nothing, so I drove to work sad at my loss. Once I got to work I checked everywhere I could think, to no avail. I went through the day lamenting the fact that my flash drive was nowhere to be found, and was sorely missed.


Quitting time finally rolled around, and I made the journey back to my car in the brisk 10 degree air here in Nebraska. Looking into the dark street I noticed something laying nearly in the middle of the street in front of our building. Amazingly enough it was my flash drive, it had been run over multiple times and sat out all night in the sub-freezing air. I drove home and set about to fixing my drive, bent the USB connector back in place and plugged it in.


To my great surprise, it worked just fine. Popped up immediately with my files and no real issues. The drive is a bit wobbly, but in great condition for being run over several times by a car. A true testament to just how durable these things are!


Now I just wonder if I can get an RMA for the thing. :sunglasse

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