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Second 8GB Flash Voyager dead.


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Hi, first of all I just want to say I love the 8GB flash voyagers (when they are working), they look great, they are fast, and they hold anything I want to put on them.


However this is the second one that has died on me, the first one lasted about 2-3 weeks then computers just stopped recognizing it, I filled out the RMA thing and sent it off and a few days later there was a new one waiting on my doorstep... well that one lasted about a week (plugged in about 4 times) and now today none of the computers I plug it into will recognize it :(:.


When I unplugged this last drive from the last computer it was in (when it worked) it wasn’t hot or anything, and I always use the "safely remove hardware" thing before unplugging it from the USB port. Is there any known things (software, hardware, computer settings, user error :p:, etc.) that could have caused both of my drives to die so quickly? Or is it just bad luck?

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