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ASUS P5MT - which Corsair RAM?


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I always stop by the Corsair RAM chooser first, but so far I'm batting 0 - they have never listed a single ASUS motherboard that I am buying. I used to always just call Corsair's phone number and they would help me out - all with a smile and a great customer relationship, but now - I just get an empty promise that they will call me back before the end of the business day, and I never receive a call. The voice options refer to this forum as the place to ask the question if no one is available at their telephone number.


I love to see them grow, but I miss the old days! (grin)


I guess the alternative would be for me to learn how to pick my own RAM based on the specs, huh? LOL, I always did really well with that until I went to build my first big XEON server, and then I got bit by the wrong RAM even though the specs all seemed to match. Had to call Corsair and they were able to straighten me out with a different kit that worked beautifully. Ever since then, I've been shell-shocked to make the big buys without checking with them first.


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.




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Ok, now that I found out that it is a workstation board I was able to find out what this boards requirements are.


This leads me to the question of which CPU are you running. I need to know what FSB you will be running. After looking through the manual I noticed the board doesn't support any voltage adjustments for the CPU or memory. I suppose given that it is a workstation board this is to be expected. So, although high performance memory will work for you, I wouldn't recommend too high performance as some the higher performance memory requires a bump in the memory voltage to give you the extra performance.


Get back to me with the CPU that you are running and I will recommend a few options for you.

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