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Warranty Question - Flash Voyager 4GB


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As recommended by the Corsair warranty policy I am seeking advice for a problem with a recently purchased (around a month) flash voyager 4GB usb stick.


When the stick is inserted into any usb port (tried on more than 1 pc) I am getting a very unstable response within Windows. Without touching the stick or applying any pressure, Windows will keep unplugging and re-detecting the device. It seems like there is a loose connection and it's not in the PC because I get the same problem in all USB ports on various PCs.


The problem is becoming very frequent over the last 2 days and sometimes I am unable to work with the stick at all. On 2 occassions Windows has got prety piss*d with the stick due to it apparently unplugging/pluggin in continuly and has actually caused crashing and restarting of the PCs I have been using.


I do not get this problem with any other stick I have and colleagues of mine who also have the same 4GB flash voyagers do not have any issues either.


I am confident the flash stick I have is deffective.


Please offer advice on what I should do next.



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