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1GB transflash dead


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Greetings all,


I saw the 2GB MicroSD dead thread, so I thought I'd start one for our dearly departed 1Gb MicroSD devices as well. Victim was a 12-day old CMFSDMICRO-1GB device purchased from NewEgg. Great price, great product name brand, great shipping speed.


Installed the chip into my brand new Cingular 8525 device and loaded ~330mb of music and applications on it. I had absolutely no issues until this morning, when suddenly things would not read from the device. One of my apps bombed, then documents couldn't be read, then songs wouldn't play.


I pulled the MicroSD out of my phone and put it in my brand new Dell e1505's build-in SD reader (using the included MSD -> SD adapter). Under XP it gives me I/O errors, under Vista 6000 RTM it gives me Semaphore Timeout errors. Diskpart refuses to see the disk; I tried the ]Pioneer SD format utility (linked in the prior thread) and the device is not supported.


I tried it also in my Sandisk 6-in-1 laptop Cardbus adapter with the same results, and then tried it in my Thinkpad X41's built-in SD reader also with the same results.


I tried using the TSX web tool to submit an RMA, but this device is not listed in the dropdown and, contrary to RAMGUY's prior mentioning, there is no "Product not listed" option either. I've called the RMA hotline and left a message; it sounds like they're busy.


Any other thoughts?

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Is Corsair's technical department dealing with a severe backlog due to the holiday season? I'm growing concerned and I cannot seem to get an answer.


Corsair received my RMA on 12/14; it was signed for by a Mr. Garcia. According to the RMA guidelines, I should have either received a notification of something being un-warrantable, or else a replacement shipment should have gone out. Either of these actions should have taken place within 48 hours if I'm reading the fine-print correctly.


It is now 1/8.


I have called three times, left three voice messages. I have sent two emails. I have heard absolutely positively nothing and it's really begining to grate on my nerves. At this rate, I'd have rather sent this part back to Newegg and simply purchased a different product entirely.


So, what steps do I take next?

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I'm not happy with the way Corsair handled my situation. I am told they received my box "empty" but never thought to contact me about it? And how would I make a claim to DHL about a lost/stolen product 25 days after it's been delivered?


I made sure to point out that this wasn't the fault of the person helping me on the phone, nor is it your fault Mr. Ram Guy. However, somebody clearly dropped the ball and I believe this is something that should be mentioned perhaps to a manager or in a staff meeting. Nobody spends $10 on shipping a purely empty box. If the receiving department somehow receives a purely empty box, tell the person who sent it -- maybe that way they can get it straightened out with the carrier.


In any case, after a bit of wait time and some aggrivation, the person who was helping me decided it best to send me a replacement device anyway. I'm generally happy with the outcome (so long as this one doesn't fail) but I'm unhappy at how I had to go about getting it resolved.


In either case, thank you to The Ram Guy for at least getting me rolling in the right direction :):

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  • Corsair Employees
I do understand your frustration and I am sorry to hear about that, but I would talk to DHL as well and see what they say. Also stay in touch with our customer service and if you don’t like what the representative tells you ask for a supervisor.
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