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ECS KN1 EXTREME + Cosair cmx512 3200c2pro problems


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need some help please. Just upgraded my system with the following


AMD dual core 4600

ECS KN1 Extreme motherboard (latest Bios)

Cosair CMX512 3200C2 Pro matched pair 512 x 2

Hiper HPU-AM530 PSU

Sapphire X1950 PRO 256m


The problem I got is when I'm playing Company of Hero's online the PC is rebooting. I know the memory is working fine since Its from my old PC. I have tried the settings in BIOS for the memory on Auto but the PC was getting a blue screen in windows saying HARDWARE/MEMORY problem. According to CORSAIR web site the settings for my type are memory should be as follows




Not sure which settings I need to change so here's what I have showing in my BIOS


Timing Mode (Manual)

Mem clock (200mhz)


Min RAS# achue timing (tra) [6t]

RASH# to CAS# Delay (trcd) [3t]

Row Pecharge time (Trp) [3t]




IT/2T Memory Timing [2T]

Read Preamble value [5.5ins]

Asybc Latency value [7ins]


Please can someone explain to me what the correct settings are or is there anything else I can try to solve this problem?


Also I have run mem386 tests and no problems reported.



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