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My Coolwater system arrived yesterday, courtesy TigerDirect. I have now managed to get it operating nearly the way I want.


The first issue I have is that it's noisier than the Intel stock fan that came with my chip...I thought that it was meant to be silent, or am I being naive?


The noise of the water returning into the header tank is very distracting. Is there any way to make it quieter without restricting the flow?


The second and almost fatal issue concerns the water block. On starting the pc for the first time, I went straight to the hardware monitoring tab in the BIOS, lo and behold, my cpu was only running at 1.66 insread of 2.66, and the temp was a cool 93 degrees C.


On investigation, the water cooling block was NOT flat, with the result that only a very small area of the cpu was being cooled....took me 4 hours to get it flat with some very fine grade silicon carbide paper. refitted and now is all good, CPU at 31 degrees C at idle.


Next issue, 3 hose clips missing, not a great problem, but was quite annoying.


Time to up the quality control??




BTW All seals on the package were intact.

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Well yes, the unit is silent in water cooling terms, but not so silent over an OEM air cooler. :roll: Hope that helps you out there in know what silent is for this unit.


If the noise is an issue with the coolant returning back to the reservoir, check to see if the reservoir is low on fluid. Also, noise is typically air bubbles russhing around in the cooling loop. You may need to tilt the N-500 from side-to-side to work them out. In many instances, you may need to hold the unit for a moment longer side-to-side as well. Once the air is out of the unit, top off the reservoir again with DISTILLED water. The noise should decrease then.


See Lith1um's posting here too ... http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=271292&postcount=3





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