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Memory wont work together


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my problem: I cant get both sticks to work on my new pc ..I can use either ram seperately but once I put them together I cant start windows ..I get a blackscreen telling me there's a problem with a new piece of hardware ...when I use just one stick (doesnt matter which one) it works fine. I've tried them in dual channel and in side by side configuration but I cant get it to work ...I'm stumped, what do I do? (I'm a semi pc noob but I learn fast :): )


my pc:


Asus M2NPV-VM (latest bio)

2g corsair value VS1GB667D2 x 2

amd 3200 am2 socket

250 G sata 2 seagate barracuda

os: windowsxp MCE sp2

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Grab CPU-Z from here:




Top left, just under Home is the download link.


Have a look at the information that is listed for each stick of memory, what does it show?


Are you manually setting the memory timings? What voltage are you using? What are the default SPD settings you get when letting the board auto detect for each stick?

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