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Busted plastic clamps, water block won't stay pressed against CPU.


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Hopefully someone can help me with my dilemma.


I have an intel socket 775 custom build. I received the watercooler, and it was fantastic. Problem is, the motherboard died 20 minutes after turning it on. To return the motherboard, I had to detach the watercooler. I couldn't remove the water cooler without using pliers (and while I am thankful that the plastic clips are difficult to remove, it does make detachment difficult). The plastic clips got bent, and now while the watercooler will sit over the processor, it won't remain firmly pressed against the CPU.


The computer runs at 48 degrees C idling, if I actually reach over and apply pressure to the waterblock, pushing it onto the CPU, it'll drop down to 35.


So, does anyone have any suggestions on getting the waterblock to stay onto the CPU, or any way to obtain new plastic clips?


Thanks for your help.

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Sorry, I thought this forum was specific to that product!


I have the Nautilus 500, and am using the Intel 775 bracket.




I know I may be screwed, but even if there was some way to order a new bracket, or something just to get those plastic clips, it'd be better than nothing.

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Corsair will prob come along with a solution, or you could just call them.


In the mean time you could use zip ties of a size that would fit through the mounting holes on the mb.


Insert 4 of them straight through from the back side of the mb, allowing their heads to rest on the back side of the mobo. Dont loop them, use them straight.


Place the foam pad and mounting bracket over the zip ties, 4 bracket holes with the 4 zip ties through them.


Cut the heads off of 4 other zip ties and lock them down on the zip ties sticking through the mobo. You dont need to loop the ties, just use them like straight studs and the 4 tie heads as nuts so to speak.


It would look kinda ghetto, but it would be highly secure. It would hold you over till you get new clips.

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Zip ties, yep. Now that's getto good indeed. :D:


With a local run to the hardware store, you could pick up a few nylon spacers, screws and a nuts to mount to the lga775.


I've never been a fan of Intel's method to hold down the lga type of cpu's with those lock clips. It may work alright for the OEM air cooler, but for liquid cooling blocks and the hoses, it's a dumb solution.

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