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Need help with RMA


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Ok... So I know i'll get yelled at for this one..:) But About a year ago i requested an RMA.. and never sent it in.. I had some other memory laying around and just stuck it in and kinda forgot to send my memory in... What i have is the Corsair value select memory 2x 512mb. I saved the previous RMA approval (Thank God) and the message i sent to you guys. I was wondering if i need a new RMA approval.. or is it safe to use my previous one.. Once again it has been almost exactly one year lol...


Here is the message and approval:)


"I bought a pair of 512 mb px 3200 memory, your value select, today i downloaded a windows update and hit restart and left the room for about two hours. When i came back the screen was black and the computer would not boot. I ran memtest 86 on my computer one of the sticks fails every test, the other one seems to pass them....




Dear: Stephen Benson


For your return please reference:


RMA Number: R105187

Part Number: VS512MB400

Number of modules: 2


RMA Return Address:


Corsair Memory, Inc.

RMA Dept. #R

46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538


Please keep a record of your returning tracking number(s) for verification of delivery.

Your replacement(s) will ship out in 24-48 hours from the time we receive your package.

Due to the up coming Holidays replacements will not be sent out unless you call or email a tracking number, or additional proof of delivery, verifying we have received your RMA.

Thank-you for choosing Corsair Memory! We look forward to supporting all of your future memory needs!




Customer Service - RMA Dept.





The email was sent on December 29th of last year



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