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TWIN2X-6400C4 can't OC?!?


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E6400 3.2 Ghz (400 x 8) Vcore 1.4 MCH 1.55 ICH 1.20

P5W DH Bios 1602

Corsair TWIN2X-6400C4 (4-4-4-12-2T) Vdimm 2.0 1:1

WD 160 GB hd


Hyperpath Disable

Throttling Disable


I cannot take these modules past 400 FSB or 2.1 V. I tried SPD timing(5-6-6-18-2T) and it still can't go above 400 FSB and it will not run at Vdimm 2.1 no matter what! Wheather FSB is at 400 or below it will not pass prime95 (fails within 1 min) at 2.1v. I know i can push my E6400 upto 3.4 Ghz (prime95 stable 24 hrs) on the same system with G.Skill modules but Corsair will not budge! I have tried just about everything from raising Vcore to MCH to relax timing still no go! Temps are not problem either b/c at full load max temp 53 and now i have opened the case and have large house fan flowing on it full blast:cool: to cool the NB & SB just in case. Dropped max temp to 43:D:


Can anybody suggest anything?




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I just found out sad news ----POMOS IC :evil:


This is the second time. I has 3200c2pt before and couldn't oc well (Promos). So this time I wanted to make sure I didn't get promos. I did my homework and bang they switched ic on me:(: . $300 dollar down toilet as I can't get pass 400. Oh well, I guess will have to move on to.....

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I registered to get some info on the exact same problem. Wow. This is very weaksauce. I heard people were getting around 450Mhz out of this pair but I can't get even over 310Mhz! I know it's not the board because my P5W DH Deluxe is considered one of the best and fastest boards around. Does anyone know if Corsair is going to do anything about this? I really like Corsair because I purchased many products from them and I can accept a lemon pair of sticks or an "oops" but I really wish to get the best out of my build.


If there is someone from Corsair reading this, is there any way to get an exchange or an upgrade?

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