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compatability with intel 975XBX2


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on the intel 975XBX2 board, it has a 1x4 [molex] PCIe power connector that runs:


pin2:connector detect




the video card [xfx 7600gs PVT73PUDJ3] doesnt require external power directly to it... but there is this in the 975XBX2 manual:

If high power (75 W or greater) add-in cards are installed in either or both the

Secondary PCI Express x16 (electrical x8) and the PCI Express x16 (electrical x4) bus add-in card connectors, the Auxiliary PCI Express graphics power connector must be used. Failure to do so may cause damage to the board and the add-in cards.


i cant find the power consumption anywhere for the video card.


how typical is this connection? is this standard 4pin molex power set? i looked at the corsair manual and there were no pinout descriptions... im assuming this is not on the pci6pin that usually goes direct to the video cards but the regular molex connectors...


iow, how do i allow for this connection if i need to use it?

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First, your card is not one of the power monger cards referred to in the manual. And, since you are running an Nvidia card, I don't see you adding a second card as SLI is not supported on this MOBO.


If you do get more powerful cards and/or go to an ATI Crossfire setup, simply plug one of the 4 pin connectors from the PSU into that auxilliary molex.

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cool, so that power connection isnt even needed? the PCI slots are going to be maxed out with DSP farm cards and soundcard... video isnt as big of an issue [not a gaming machine]. probably wont do SLI or Crossfire regardless on the life of the machine. just wanted to make sure if i load all the PCI slots down it wont need the extra power.
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