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I've called and levf a voicemail but have recived a reply.

I would just like some tracking info if you have some.

tracking shows


Tracking number 798045607715

Signed for by C.PANG

Ship date Nov 17, 2006

Delivery date Nov 20, 2006 8:55 AM


Destination Fremont, CA

Delivered to Shipping/Receiving

Service type Priority Envelope

Weight 0.5 lbs.


Status Delivered

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I got an email on Friday statting that the delay was due to the ram beeing the XL series which is nolonger in production.

I called Customer service and let them know I wanted the CL2 and they said it would be overnighted. I would assume is will get here today(has not as of yet)

and chance I can get a tracking number or atleast some info as to where it is?

I'll update if it arives.


PS I am very Pleased with customer service. the rep was very polite and lisened to my concerns and answered them all. I cannot remember who it was but I'm sure it is notated on my records. that man deserves a kudos :) I've worked in CS for many years and that gentelman is a Prime example of a quality Phone rep :)

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