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Serious concern after shipping memory back


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Hello, I got an RMA approved and sent my defective memory back on Tuesday. Wednesday morning I realized that the sheet I had written the RMA # and other details of the case did not make it into the box, and thus my memory is enroute with no case number on it. To further muddle this, I shipped it through my company's shipping department, so my name is not even on the return label. I sent a message through the contact form first thing yesterday morning, but I have heard nothing in reply. My Corsair case # is 15416 and the RMA # is R205053. My question.. what happens when my memory is recieved but they can't find the RMA number or case #?


In the message I sent through the contact form I provided the Fed Ex tracking number as well as the name that would appear on the return label. Is there anything further I can do?

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