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Gigabyte GA-K8U and XMS3200v5.1 orXMS3202v2.2


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I have gone through 2 1gig corsair strips in the last 6month(listed in title) and was wondering why this could be? Everything will be working fine and then suddenly the system will shut down and won't get past the boots cycle until i removed the ram.
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I think I may have found your problem:


"Power Supply: Comp USA Generic"


Get a better power supply that's got at least 500 Watts, a 24-26A 12v rail and a name you can trust a la PC Power and Cooling.


I'm very suspicious of off-brand or OEM power supplies as they're usually built by the 'lowest bidder' and can very often poison your system with unstable rails or poor supply. My friend's RaidMax killed three motherboards before we knew what had happened!


Corsair's HX520 would work just fine if you want a direction to look at!




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