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2 Bad sticks of TWIN-X


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Hello , I am the owner of a small computer repair business and I have 2 bad sticks of memory , 1 is a CMX256A-3200LL which was installed in a MSI 865PE NEO3-F motherboard , after about 1yr of running fine with no problems my customer started getting random reboots and lockups , after running all tests and double checking all bios settings and voltages I determined that the ram was faulty and we replaced it with TWINX-1024C2 pro and now all is running fine .


The second stick is a TWINX-CMX512-3200C2PT that was installed in an abit NF7-S Ver.2 which also ran fine for over a year and once again I went through all the tests required until it was determined that my customer also had a bad stick of memory , I would like to get A RMA for these 2 sticks to be replaced.


Thank you .

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