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Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe and VS1GB400C3 error


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Here is the deal: I bought 2x VS1GB400C3 for my new setup. The purchase was made in OCTOBER 2005. System worked flawlessly untill yesterday, now Im having the following issue: One of the modules wont let the system boot, sometimes the pc does a long beep then 2 short ones, other it does no beeps, but nothing is showed on the screen. If I put the other module in the same slot, all boots fine and I have no problems. In the BIOS, Ram settings are manual: 3-3-3-8 - and 2,7v. Tested in my cousin PC, same thing, won´t boot.


Please, help me, I live in Brazil, here things are very difficult to buy:(: , I build my pc with all my savings since I was a child, all my money was spent in this machine, RAM modules cost was about 25% of the total price. It is my first PC and Im very sad that I cannot have all the RAM I bought, the store I bought the modules no longer exists. Warranty from them was 3 months and I see that Corsair has LifeTime Warranty. I trusted CORSAIR for its very famous name worldwide and as being a quite reliable memory was the best buy I could do. Now I have no money to buy modules


I Will attach a picture of the module.


10x for any help:(:


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