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I'm sorry to say, but "hottest" and "smokinest" aren't words often used to describe OEM machines. While you can definately try any modules you wish, I'd stick to System Select or Value Select modules for the best compatibility.


High-performance memory modules often aren't supported by the limited BIOS' shipped with many of the pre-built computer's motherboards. This is because they are meant to be run at a slightly higher voltage and with more aggressive latencies.


I would suggest CMSS1GB-400 or CMSS512MB-400.




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Thanks for the reply CandyKid. I was a little hopped up on sugar last night, and in retrospect, I know better than to have asked such a silly question. LOL. Here's a good question though. I Googled my motherboard and I do know that it is dual channel capable. Would the 1GB kit (VS1GBKIT400) work ok? Thanks for your time bud.
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