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TWIN2X1024-5400C4PRO and P5WD2 Premium


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I have a MB Asus P5WD2 Premium with a D830 processor and a TWIN2X-5400C4PRO memory. I need to increase the total memory to 2GB so I would like to buy and additional TWIN2X-5400C4PRO memory. Can I do that? My mobo will be able to run with all 4 sockets populated in a stable mode? The RAM will run at 533 or 675 MHz. Any advise are welcome.


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Your motherboard should be able to run 4 double-sided modules, but may run into latency problems.


You would probably have to go to CAS 5 and 2T (Command Rate), but it's worth a try. Your best bet is to get the EXACT model number and, if possible, the same revision as well, but this is often hard.


I have had your board's predecessor (P5AD2) running 4 modules before, so it should be possible (though currently it's running 4 single-sided modules).




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