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Rma # R204349 Please Help!!


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On November 6, 2006, after filling out the online RMA request form, I received an email from “Tina Marovich” which started off “We just wanted to let you know that you will be receiving the CMX512-4400C25PT.”


My rig uses 4 matched modules of 512MB CMX512-4400C25PT for a total of 2GM of RAM. One of the modules went bad which caused frequent “blue screens of death”.


I followed Tina’s instructions precisely including sending along both my address and a copy of the email that she sent to me. My package was sent off on November 7, 2006.


On November 17, 2006, after never hearing from the RMA Department, I called the Customer Service-RMA Department number a few times until I got a live person rather than an answering machine. I was soon transferred to someone in the RMA department who explained that my RAM was no longer in production and could, therefore, not be replaced (why this wasn’t told to me in “Tina’s” initial email is beyond me). I could, however, get a refund if I had a copy of the receipt for my RAM purchase that I could send to them.


After explaining that I did not have the receipts for my RAM purchase from MicroCenter, I was transferred to Tech Support for a possible solution. Instantly I was put into the voice mail of Tech Support. I left my name, phone number, RMA number, and a brief description of my situation.


I never heard back from anyone again.


Three weeks have now gone by since mailing the RAM and NEVER has anyone from Corsair bothered to call me, email me or contact me in any way about my defective RAM. The only contact I have had was because I initiated it.


I have no idea if my defective RAM will ever be mailed back to me. I have no idea if a substitute set of RAM will be mailed to me. I have no idea if some sort of monetary compensation can be worked out.


Basically I have nothing at this point and I’m really starting to believe that a “lifetime guarantee” is hardly that.

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Yes. Tina sent me an email earlier. Basically she reiterated what I was told over the phone......that my RAM is now out of production and, therefore, cannot be replaced.


She did offer replacement with either CMX512-3200C2 or CMX512-3200C2PRO but would that be a replacement of all 4 of my modules or just the 1 that I mailed to the RMA department? If it's just the replacement of the 1 module then that obviously wouldn't help me much.


I did respond to Tina asking for clarification. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks for your time so far.

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